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This is the president of the Taiwan Research Association of Fujian Province, the former dean of the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences and the doctoral tutor. Professor Stern said in his speech at the Forum on personnel exchange and human resources services cooperation conference on the Taiwan Straits in the afternoon of June 17th. stern professor said, 60 of the last century to 70s, Taiwan industry is the industry of textile and clothing, footwear, umbrellas, slates, bicycle, sports goods, stationery, 80s after the transition to electronics, petrochemical, machinery and other indus Cheap air jordans for sale tries. These industries in Fujian at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century are dominant, and now to the electronic, petrochemical, mechanical transition. The difference between Fujian and Taiwan in economic development is about 25 years. stern professor said that the industrial upgrading of Taiwan was completed at the end of last century, and some of the leading industries in the world are in the leading position in the world, and the service industry is flourishing. Taiwan large enterprises are rich in funds, advanced technology and good at opening up the international market. While Fujian is rich in labor resources, a large number of workers to build the mainland provinces Laifu workers, wages Retro jordans for sale are relatively low, compared to Taiwan, land, hydropower, transportation and other production factors in Fujian cheap, the mainland market is broad, the rapid growth of consumption. Industry in Fujian and Taiwan will surely win both. at present, both sides of the Taiwan Strait situation is the capital of Taiwan is facing a new round of outward transfer, while Fujian is sandwiched between Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, the infrastructure construction is to be further accelerated, insufficient to meet the Fujian Taiwan industry docking talent reserves, need to be solved. Industrial chain grafting, investment advantages need to be strengthened, labor intensive advantages are running away. : stern professo cheap jordans for sale r said that the west side of the Straits rose from local decision-making to central decision-making, highly affirmed the development of Fujian's economy, the West Bank of the Straits to undertake the industrial transfer of Taiwan opportunities and challenges. Fujian has a geographical, blood, cultural, commercial and legal edge to Taiwan. After the three sides of the Strait, Fujian has become the closest place to Taiwan. (Editor: admin)[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] social and environmental strategies are rooted in the adidas Group corporate values ??- performance, passion, integrity and diversity. It builds on the achievements and experience over the years, considering a variety of changes in the social environm Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ent and global trends, and with the overall business development of the Group echoes. It reflects the feedback we get from the various stakeholders at a clear set our goal. illustrates our strategy we will put focus on the main and core business areas of energy and resources: The environmental sustainability applied to all products, processes and services sectors, so in our value system significantly improve environmental protection efforts, and actively enhance business performance. effectively manage business risks and supply chain social responsibility. Social Responsibility Category positive tendency to expand, but also because of increased diversification and spread after the control plane relationship becomes more Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping complex; internal and external to expand our participation - in our supply chain system within the industry and in cooperation with others, the application of new ideas and better cooperation, work together in order to progress. In each of our business market has become the top leader following the personnel and space management, world-class and one of the top ten employers who hire, thereby create their own trip the industry's best and most efficient in the workplace. By supporting real projects to meet local needs, promote the progress of the communities where we are. Environmental Sustainability Based on a number of early environmental projects, the Group's management in 2010 adopted an environmental strategy. To cheap jordans online further enhance our competitiveness and improve overall business performance, the strategy aims to integrate environmental ponder our daily operational work. 2015 environmental strategy's goal is, whether it is from the development and production processes of innovation and product design, or we import from operating retail and other sales channels, greatly enhance environmental protection efforts of our group each value chain. We have identified measurable targets by 2015, and will target an annual assessment of progress. Supply Chain Social Responsibility Supplier factory workers play a central role in our project. It is for their welfare and working conditions of care, we developed a "Workplace Standards", and set up cheap jordan shoes for men covering all adidas Group brands liability management system. Our supply chain is huge, multi-layered and rich and varied. We have detailed supplier relationship management solutions. We also continue on how our suppliers and indirect supply chain incorporated directly into the system to develop the program. The following list is the relationship between our supply chain strategy an important part: by the adidas Group's global purchasing department directly manage supplier relationships. In the procurement cost per unit, these vendors accounted for about 75% of our procurement operations. indirect purchasing relationships with agents and authorized vendors. Indirect procurement relationship and manage their own procu Retro jordans for sale rement services unit of the adidas Group entities. stakeholder involvement As a company, we do not operate in isolation, but through careful listening, responses and interaction, from internal and external stakeholders Obtain feedback. We are not only linked with the company's internal staff, but also with external linkage, such as government, civil society, investors, analysts, customers and industry partners. Many aspects of the Group sustainable development projects are in the discussion with stakeholders closely worked out, as our group reporting and information disclosure, internal audit and confirmation of the supplier factory labor issues to government departments to reflect the needs of the system sexual problems a cheap jordans for sale mens nd so on. Within the company, we will find a suitable and innovative ways, the ideas and methods of implementation of sustainable development to the interior. Outside the company, we seek innovative ways of cooperation and partnership, promoting progress, and to improve the workplace environment. Our staff We understand that employees are the key to our business success. We can inspire our efforts to create a team spirit, enthusiasm, involvement and sense of accomplishment of the work environment. We advocate a strong leadership built on performance culture, employee compensation and group and individual achievement directly linked. We aim to continue to provide opportunities for career development of the employees, but also promote diversity and encourages global mobility. We are also very clear the importance to continue to attract and recruit new employees joined the adidas Group. In this so-called "war for talent" era, it is important that we become a world-class employer. To achieve this goal, we publish the train potential employees innovation projects. We are working hard among the top ten best employers in the key markets of the operation, intended to create a motivating and attractive work environment. Community As a multinational, the adidas Group can be found in many countries, and its impact on the business community where people live. Despite the possible ways to participate in helping the project or community projects are many, but to understand the localization needs of the community is a challenge. Therefore, since all the branches of the staff aware of the needs of the most understanding and cultural sensitivity to their local communities, so we took a non-centralized model of each brand its own implementation of community projects. These community projects led by the brand with Adidas & middot; Dassler Fund, Reebok Corporate Responsibility projects and TaylorMade - adidas Golf, under the name of charity projects. From the terms of the Group level, we continue to support the communities in which suppliers, and organizations that promote the sustainable development of the industry to do their part. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)NBA game all star turn extraordinary surely everyone has seen many, usually neat action to get rid of defense; to see these ordinary events on the pitch, turned and realistic fake confuse opponents, then turning action was shot; action slightly fancy complicated, but also in one fell swoop. source: basketball followers Witness in early November lead exposure kind this curry 2 "Haight Street" overwhelmed by the formal sale information release, the color inspiration in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco, and use familiar before and after stitching methods presented, blue and white two colour filled in; shoes is expected will be officially on sale January 2016 15. source: sneakernews