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Japan Alex (ASICs) company developed a new kind of energy with the female physiological changes change the shape of shoes, hoping to give women runners bring the most comfortable shoes feel. The development of is based on previous scientific results, and studies have shown that the elasticity of the female foot and the estrogen levels in the high and low receptors change. In the menstrual cycle 28 days, when estrogen levels are high, women are most fertile when they have relatively low; and the women in the menstrual period, hormone levels decrease, but the foot arch is rising. Alex according to this phenomenon, the company's R & D personnel to design a new type of running shoes, these shoes have three layers of buffer material beneath the arches, a layer of foam is closest to the foot, followed by a layer of air space, the outside is a layer of plastic pad. When the female arches are lowered, the foam is compressed into the inflated space layer; when the arch rises, the foam fills the space under the arch and supports the whole foot. Alex consultant Simon ·, Australia foot doctor; Barthold said, over the years, mainly for men footwear products design and development, female players are a bit cold, this phenomenon is very strange, because more women than men who actually run. This new shoe has three colors: white, gold and black. Compared with ordinary running shoes, it has obvious advantages, but the price is not ordinar jordans on sale online y, a pair of pounds to spend 120 pounds, almost the company's cheapest women's shoes three times. (plum shoes editor) Former Surpeme chief designer Luke Meier and Vans Syndicate was once the highest regional syndicate launched a double named Zero Low shoes. This year Vans Syndicate branch just ushered in the 10th anniversary birthday, Luke Meier in the 10th anniversary originally engraved third joint sequence of shoes, but the shoes in August has been, in September it is coming. When Luke Meier OAMC identity has become the main reason people, the shoes also changed its name to Seylynn. OAMC tend to be traditional fashion and a combination of street culture, so the shoe body continues the minimalist aesthetic OAMC with white, but use high-grade nubuck leather, shoe body delicate car line also expressed this pair of shoes and the extraordinary, also in gold making insoles, gilt lettering convex gorgeous the show Vans Syndicate 2005-2015 10th anniversary theme. This pair of shoes will be jointly engraved in September 19th on sale in the specified store Vans Syndicate. Luke Meier a joint interview with Q Vans Syndicate: this year coincides with the highest regional syndicate 10th anniversary anniversary, we brought a series of the most popular love shoes and series for the majority of Vans lovers. Have you ever thought of how to use color to decorate the Double Tenth Anniversary engraved shoes? Behind this pair of old shoes have jointly f cheap foamposites ind everything fresh and new what story? A: the fact that shoe section of the white color is unexpected, but when Vans Syndicate designers and I contact after the white color as the idea instantly attracted me. In fact, the introduction of engraved shoes are Vans Syndicate designers and I work closely together the results, although I do some work, but still more of their efforts. Q: when you and Vans together when the Syndicate joint shoes is not a new experience? Tell us about your experiences in the Supreme office? A: the original Syndicate and Vans joint the shoes, is indeed a rare new experience, I still remember my Surpeme effect, and Vans designers have worked together for a long time, this is my new design first pair of shoes. I started in 1999 is engaged in the design work in Surpeme, I and James (Jebbia) together, there are a lot of talented people, they benefited me, lay a solid foundation for my day after work. Q: you design this pair of shoes, a new idea is a little more or reference before BoNike Kobe " Prelude" series video exposure 2013-12-09 00:10:56 Nike Kobe " Prelude" series video appreciation. 〈br james="" media="" day="" on="" foot="" lebron="" 10="" elite="" "champion"="" customized="" version="" of="" 2013-12-08="" 23:43:13 a while ago we exposed shoe designer Dank designed and produced a pair of Nike LeBron 10 Elite "Championship", the entire pair of shoes with a black and yellow phase collocation, o cheap air jordans rnamented with many related titles and the details of the MVP, he will this pair of shoes to LeBron James, and James today wearing this pair of the shoes at the NBA media day. There are very few players who will wear custom sneakers for formal occasions, and I think James's intention is to thank the fans for bringing him strength, and to show that he won the championship again, and MVP's ambition.Futura, a contemporary graffiti artist in New York, has the reputation of "painting Wizard" in the art world. He is a loyal fan of Converse, and has always maintained close cooperation with the Converse brand. Following last year's : Made By You global creative activities, this year Converse re invited to Futura for innovative shoes Chuck Taylor All Star II teamed up to launch a series of cooperation series. The Futura will be their signature camouflage and geometric graffiti elements into the high and low Chuck Taylor All Star II shoes, shoes for ordinary canvas shoes to give a unique trend of breath. The uppers are made of waterproof rubber and are easy to handle. At the same time, the shoes are equipped with 3M reflective laces and a pair of extra insoles for replacement. Besides, they come with clothing items. It is reported that the series has landed in February 1st, Converse major designated stores and official website, interested friends do not miss. KD9 is about to go on sale, let's look at the story of the KD9 design. Nike Zoom KD 9 Retro jordans for sale Pre-Heat has been preheated in June 20th, offering a pre warming role for the entire KD9 offering. And in July 1st tomorrow, Nike Zoom KD 9 Premiere as KD9's first color will be officially launched. So before KD9 comes out, let's look at the story behind the KD9 design. , as a designer from the 1 to 9 generations of the entire KD series, has become a hard friend between Leo, Chang and Durant. As he planned to design KD9, he talked with Durant about a lot of ideas about KD9 design. In Durant's eyes, KD8 is a pair of near perfect shoes, so it's very difficult for Leo, Chang, and design teams to build KD9 on the perfect basis. Plus, the whole KD9 concept was designed to present an evolutionary concept for Durant and the entire KD series, and we saw such a pair of KD9. KD8's uppers use the Flyweave technique, and Durant says the technology can completely lock his feet inside his shoes, while feeling comfortable and natural. As a result, Leo Chang has decided to apply the Flyknit technology, which has become the most advanced core technology of the Nike brand, to the latest KD9, and Flyknit will allow Durant's feet to feel more comfortable in their shoes. And in the end of science and technology, strongly endorsed KD8 informed Zoom Air Durant full palm, so Leo Chang decided to still in the KD9 of the full palm Zoom Air, but KD9 Zoom Air compared to KD8 has obvious evolution. Separation is one of the biggest features of Zoom Air on KD9, and t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale he two sections of Zoom and Air are actually connected by unicom. In addition, Zoom Air also have different thickness, palm 10mm, 16mm. This is the Leo Chang for Durant to create a new evolution of the KD9, so that the entire KD series has been sublimated again. and Nike officials released such a set of design pictures before the KD9 release, and we can see a lot of KD9 Sample that were eventually negated during the design process. Whether it's a high version or a different design line, etc.. In short, before KD9 officially on sale, do completely lift the love Durant, love KD series of toe your appetite. And the KD9, like the entire KD series, has been able to represent the style of the 35. in addition, Nike officials have designed and built a group of illustrations about KD series, let us share the same appreciation.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] yesterday morning, in Taicang Taiping Road junction construction site in Guangzhou, six giant cranes lined up, Qingshuyuanbi, 980 construction workers are fighting. Nike, the world's top 500 enterprises invested heavily to build Asia's largest "Logistics flagship" pile section has been transferred from the ground floor, two main 750 m long, 450 m wide within the region, the clothing floor, footwear House project is in full swing. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sun Yu told reporters at the construction side of the project manager of four built in Nantong, since the project started buy cheap jordans online on February 17 this year, the average use up more than 500 cubic meters per day of commercial concrete, 150 tons steel, Nike headquarters of the progress of the project, the quality is very satisfied. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike headquarters in Oregon, focuses on athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories design, marketing and operating various types of sports and fitness required. Nike brand has 20 years of history, the past five years, the business is rapidly growing in China, it has become an important part of Nike's global business. In 2008, Nike's sales in China for the first time more than one billion US dollars, becoming the largest market outside the United States. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Taicang 600 years ago with its own harbor, along the edge of Shanghai, through rivers and seas, developed traffic and in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta city group, radiation East China. Nike China and General Manager Wei Han Ting, vice president, Nike is now the third-party logistics, warehousing and leasing in Shanghai and Guangzhou, the implementation of the national logistics and distribution center. In order to consolidate and support future business growth, Nike headquarters decided, in Taicang Port Economic Development Zone District to build China's largest and Asia's largest modern "logistics flagship", comparable with US and European logistics center, in order to build the future of Nike's logistics network, to a air jordan 11 space jam for sale chieve more efficient distribution. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to Nike's China business development plan, "Logistics flagship" for Nike related products provide convenient storage, handling, processing, packaging, distribution and related logistics services, one of the main building are clothing, Footwear two distribution centers, each center were built cargo area stockpiling and distribution processing zones, it covers an area of ??120,000 square meters, the equivalent of 150 basketball games, including clothing House built next year in August, after House Shoes In March and put into operation, all built to serve the country after thousands of retail outlets. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to Wei Han Ting said the high degree of automation of Nike China Logistics Center, Long carton conveyor belts used in the order picking machine, radio frequency scanners, automated warehouse management systems and many other advanced logistics technology and equipment, After using the delivery time can be shortened by 15%, which is rare in the developed world; in terms of the green channel, high reflective roof, additional insulation, sun shades windows, ground-source heating and cooling, energy efficient lighting, vacuum waste systems, sustainable philosophy throughout the development, improve the overall level of China's logistics industry has a positive effect.Jordan Brand in this year's flagship new shoes Jordan Future frequently and c jordans on sale mens amouflage hot with the elements of the street, shortly before the exposure of this Sequoia Camo color version Jordan Future again released HD Photo map. Nylon material making shoes to olive green camouflage and hidden lines, at the same time into the 3M reflective elements in one, and from the integration of Sequoia camouflage pattern only in the light will emerge, add a lot of mystery, the big bottom and lined with deep black, and a golden tongue tag Jumpman logo seems to this low-key color brings many luxury. air-huarache-jordan-future-01.jpg (145.41 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Sequoia Camo 2014-9-9 14:47 upload air-huarache-jordan-future-02.jpg (126.23 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Sequoia Camo 2014-9-9 14:47 upload air-huarache-jordan-future-03.jpg (138.21 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Sequoia Camo 2014-9-9 14:47 upload air-huarache-jordan-future-04.jpg (98.88 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Sequoia Camo 2014-9-9 14:47 upload air-huarache-jordan-future-05.jpg (142.92 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Sequoia Camo 2014-9-9 14:47 upload air-hu0 2010-2011 in the year of finished shoes top ten selection activities, the Li Ning Co has been recognized by the vast number of consumers, industry experts and business representatives, eventually won the "most popular national brand sports shoes" title. the top 1 jordan 3 katrina 2018 0 pairs of finished shoes selected as the industry's first footwear brand selection activities, aims to fully interpret the Chinese brand corporate image and guide enterprise brand awareness. Promote and commend people who have made significant contributions to the development of China's footwear industry, enterprises with significant brand influence and industry impetus, and promote the healthy development of China's footwear industry. The result of the selection is through the 30 rounds of online auditions, industry experts and representatives of the enterprises selected for the audition of the top five companies to conduct transparent, fair and objective selection and audit. In 1989, Lining founded the for more than 20 years, Li Ning Co has been exploring and creating new records. Li Ning Co, through independent research and development and extensive international cooperation, gradually has the ability to compete with international competitors. Lining brand inherits the exciting spirit of sports, with a deep understanding and insight into the Chinese local consumers, continue to develop, design and introduce products that satisfy the broad masses of consumers. With the development of innovative China wisdom Li Ninggong, Lining arc technology platform in sports science and technology, and through the modern interpretation of Chinese spirit in product performance award in 2011 Chinese Red Star Award, the German IF industrial design awar jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ds. (Editor: afnhk)Do not believe the limit. Unlimited "Unleashed Nike" series of China's information on sale in July 29, 2016 /0 comments / in: hot shoes information, shoes information / by: SneakerDailystadium, sports field, obstacle race track, Nike in the summer launch of the limit color series, footprint, you can see everywhere you can see. This series is designed to awaken the unlimited potential of elite athletes, fluorescent yellow and bright color bright vitality powder to sway from tropical rainforest, beetles, and iridescent feathers shine natural inspiration. these colors will present a dynamic visual effect in motion, as the flow of energy in general, create a striking appearance, so that you do not believe the limit. new Nike "Unleashed Unlimited" series will be officially launched in August 4th. Nike Zoom KD 9color: multi color / multi color 843392-999Nike Hyperdunk Flyknit No: 2016color: multicolor / item: 843390-017LunarEpic Flyknit ULTD men Nikecolor: multi color / multi color number 844860-999men Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit ULTDcolor: multi color / multi color number 844862-999woman Nike LunarEpic Flyknit ULTDcolor: multi color / multi color number 844861-999woman Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit ULTDcolor: multi color / multi color 844863-999Nike Air Max No: 1 Ultra Flyknitcolor: Yellow / Green / white 843384-701Nike Train Ultrafast Flyknit: No.color: multi color / multi color number 843694-999woman Nike Free TR Focus Flyknit ULTDcolor: multi color / multi color 843987-999Source: Nike anyShare No: Share: Tags: DThe blank 2015-6-27 17:31 editor 10-nike-upper-tech-featured-sneakers-2.jpg (117.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-27 17:30 upload NIKE of the 10 science and technology review -1.jpg shoes vamp features (324.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-27 17:19 upload NIKE BLAZER is born in 1972, the shoes, the shoe is the world's first used the word "gogo logo high basketball shoes, then by NBA point guard George Gervin in battle, in the 2014-15 season, the warriors Klay Thompson single 37 branch break record is hit by Gervin the single 33 points record, is said to be" Iceman "for my own record, the response is" Oh? Good! But I want to see what he can in no case from three. "(George Gervin single 33 points recorded in the record without the three point). Because of age and seniority of this pair of shoes have quite a history, careful friends will find BLAZER on the general shape of the shoes of different gogo, compared with more rounded "ancient flavor", recently fragment x NIKE HYPERCHASE joint models on Google also refer to the signs of this version of the to. NIKE of the 10 science and technology review -2.jpg shoes vamp features (332.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-6-27 17:19 upload The name "Nathan VanHook" may not be known to all, but his work will come to light. Does Nike Air Yeezy 2 know? Yes, that's his work! The Nike Sportswear VanHook Nike Free Orbit senior designer to create II shoes, uppers diamond section make shoes outsole with very strong visual impact, the use of Free 5 to ensure the comfort of the gray and black two models for consumers to choose. 0.jpg (62.96 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 1.jpg (60.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 2.jpg (37.39 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 3.jpg (37.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 4.jpg (48.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 5.jpg (55.14 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 6.jpg (38.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 7.jpg (41.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-4-23 upload at 16:30 8.jpg (50.81 KB, download times: 0) e& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". It is to continue to open up China's secondary and tertiary markets, or with well-known international brand competition, this is a problem Li Ning China sports brand faces" Yesterday, an associate professor at Harvard Business School Rukh told reporters He expressed his interest in the Chinese sports industry. He told reporters that Li Ning, the company's future as a Harvard Business School marketing cases, this is the first time Harvard as a Chinese sports brand case teaching. Luke believes that due to the rapid growth of Chinese economy in recent years, more and more people are concerned about Chinese enterprises, especially the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China's sports industry has become the focus of everyone's attention, so Harvard Business School to China's sporting goods market research. Through research, we found that China second and third tier market is huge, estimated that by 2008 the scale of China's domestic sporting goods market will reach 55 billion to 80 billion yuan, of which more than half (about 47 billion yuan) of the market is in the second level and tertiary markets. Harvard Business School research report analysis pointed out, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning with each account for about 16 percent of China's market share, Anta, Double Star, and other domestic brands accounted for only 10% or less; but the rate of growth, Nike reach 56%, 46% is much higher than Adi domestic brands. Li Ning as the representative of Chinese domestic brands occupy two, three market leaders, but Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands have begun this year to secondary and tertiary markets to enter, which for the Chinese brand is a huge challenge.